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My husband and I have been working within the wedding chair cover hire industry for a number of years now and we have become acutely aware of the number of poorly supplied chair covers for weddings.

In today's chair cover market, many brides are looking for the best possible price. Unfortunately, when it comes to hiring chair covers, a mass of inconsistent imports from China have meant that, whilst one can save money, it's only luck if one saves face.

Our experience

Our story starts three years ago when my husband and I were engaged to be married. My friends arranged a fantastic bash for us. However with many of us fresh into work, cash was in short supply.

One of my friends came to the rescue after finding a great deal on chair covers for just 89p. It seemed too good to miss and so they all pitched in. However, our luck was about to change.

On arrival we discovered:

  1. There appeared to be several chair cover sizes within the packets with few fitting correctly.
  2. A majority of chair covers had staining.
  3. Many chair covers were threadbare or of fine material.

My friends instantly rang up the chair cover supplier and asked for an exchange but were rebuffed. The manager in charge directed them to a point in their Terms & Conditions which stated "we reserve the right to supply an alternative chair cover size".

After much wrangling and a series of letters from our friends, we were eventually credited for the order. However, it left the wedding without chair covers and all involved with a sore head.

How we began

My husband and I vowed not to let others feel our pain and, being between jobs, I took on the responsibility of researching the market.

Within weeks we had located a UK chair cover supplier who could offer us a bespoke tailoring service. Having made a few sets of chair covers and spoken to a number of local wedding venues, business began to take off.

We very quickly decided that rather than offering a nationwide hiring service (which would hamper our efforts to deliver excellent service for all), we instead would concentrate on carefully selected locations across the country (see our guide below).

To ensure the quality of our chair covers, we also decided we would only purchase from small local suppliers who would guarantee our exacting quality standards.

With our broad range of chair cover styles and sizes, we can be 95% certain of an exact fit on any banqueting chair.

Please allow us the opportunity to support your function by calling either myself or one of my colleagues on 0845 872 5501

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What setup service do we offer?

We offer a full setup service in the areas highlighted in the fitting map (see to the right). Alternatively, if you are out of these areas, or just looking to keep costs to a minimum, you could consider hiring from us on a supply only basis across the British Isles, and ask someone already on site to install the chair covers for you.


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